How Well Do You Know Your Tractors Quiz

How Well Do You Know Your Tractors?????

  1. Something’s always left behind as innovation occurs. Do you know which farm animal was replaced by the tractor?
  1. Horse
  2. Herd Dogs
  3. Pigs
  4. Cow

2) If you need to dig deep into the ground to further till the soil, what would you use?

  1. Interior Soiler
  2. SubSoiler
  3. Depth Soiler
  4. Trisoiler

3) Name the type of tractor attachment that uses a bucket connected to a hinged arm to excavate the land.

  1. Forklift
  2. Grinder
  3. Backhoe
  4. Scraper

4) A haulm topper can be attached to a tractor to help with the production of which crop?

  1. Corn
  2. Potatoes
  3. Tomates
  4. Bell Peppers

5) To let out harmful gases, how are tractor exhaust pipes designed?

  1. Horizontal to the front
  2. Horizontal to the side
  3. Horizontal to the back
  4. Vertical to the back

6) A planter is a piece of farm equipment that plants seeds. What’s another name for this process?

A) Drill

B) Pollinate

C) Sow


7) John Deere is one of the most well-known tractor companies in the business. When did its first major tractor hit the market?

  1. 1907
  2. 1918
  3. 1946
  4. 1959  

1(A) Horses remained prevalent farm animals until the 1940s, as they couldn’t fully be replaced before that. The reason they lasted for nearly 35 years after tractors came about was that farmers couldn’t afford tractors during the Great Depression, but WWII changed that.

2 (B) Typically using a single blade with a sharpened tip, subsoilers can penetrate tough soil, piercing the ground to depths of around 12 inches. This process can be used to help with drainage problems, as it loosens the soil so the water can drain.

3 (C)  Backhoes are used to pull dirt toward the back of a tractor, which is where its name comes from. The arm of the backhoe consists of two parts: the boom that’s attached to the tractor and the dipper that holds the bucket.

4 (B) Since potatoes grow in the ground, the crop has to be trimmed down to make harvesting the potatoes easier. A haulm topper serves this purpose by trimming the crop without removing the potatoes from the ground.

5 (B)There are many benefits of having an exhaust pipe run vertically from the tractor toward the sky. One of the biggest benefits is that the exhaust fumes won’t damage the crops below as the tractor runs over them.

6 (C) When it comes to sowing seeds, it’s important to know how deep the seeds can be planted to grow appropriately. Seeds planted too far into the ground won’t muster enough energy to ever pierce through the soil.

7 B) When John Deere purchased the Waterloo Engine Company in 1918, the Waterloo Boy became their first major tractor to hit the market. Thousands of these tractors were sold to farmers between 1918 and 1924, at which time John Deere came out with the Model D.